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We are a group of guys who work in entertainment industry creating 2d and 3d artwork. We love mecha and robot. Concepting and modeling them on computer but never convert them into REAL thing. Now we are making our dream come true by turning them into a real life models. This is the first one out of many to come models. They are not kitbashing and 100% hand built from scratch. The model was based on of our concept design. They are limited number of copies and collectible. With so much effort, time and love we put on them we hope you will find them desirable. Beside modeling our designs, we also accept commission to create model from your own design or even models from your game.

What are the differences from our models compare to the one out there:

There are many mecha models out there but there are only few have a " not a toy" look and feeling. Our goals are to make a model doesn't resembling a "toy" feeling but rather a real model. Our models are not just look heavy, feel heavy when you touch but they are vey heavy as well. They are built by many many individual solid cast resin parts included real metal nuts and bolts, real cables and electrical wires. Then they are painted with many layers to represent the real metal on the real life mech look like includes scratches, leaking oil or build up dirt ect.. The way they were painted also just like in real life (metal layer first, then color paint, then the paint being scratched off to reveal metal underneath, then oil, dirt after that. They are real scratches. Unlike a lot models out there using fake dried brush technique to draw in scratches). Because of that, it makes the model doesn't look like a cast sculpture like a lot of models out there do. Because of that it makes the model poseable. Because of that, it allows the model appears in different configurations. For example, take one or two part off the model (such as take off the shield to reveal the inside parts or leave the halt opened) will make the model looks totally different from its original look. And finally, because of that, it makes our model looks more "man made" instead of "computer generated". For example: think about those heavy construction equipments in real life. They always have manufacture traces on there body such as seams from a casting mold left behind or welding seams or defected spots. They never looks completely perfect made. When you look at our model closely, you will find those "man made" represent on the model and that will make the model look more real.

We are new group but we hope our products will speak for ourselves. We hope we will find love and support from you out there so we are able to create more models in the future.

Please visit our facebook page for more info. Also big appreciation for following, liking and sharing our products.

Thank you.



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SABI-HOBBY Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome and very impressive work. I look forward to more! Thank you for sharing your art.
VijayVega Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, Wow and once again WOW!
Have you taped into my mind and made the kind of mech art figure I imagine.
Fantastic work.
Also enc86 is a great artist and check out his work.
enc86 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015
Wow, really cant believe there is no comments here yet.........anyways a little belated but....

Welcome to DA, you do really awesome work, sure you will fit in around here. As a fellow model builder and mecha enthusiast, i am gonna have to give you an instant watch! keep up the mighty fine building/painting your work is sure to give me a boost of inspiration.

i am off to dig deeper into your gallery, if you ever have any questions about DA ,want to share some of you knowledge with me or just chat i am always around.